Bo Aakerstrom Graphic Designer

Hi, it's Bo here!

I'm a graphic designer. Although I have many years experience in the industry, both as a designer and a photographer I am still learning and experimenting.

It is always good to move on and expand the horizons.

While you are here, take some time to discover what I do, both on this site and some external websites.

Oh, no - we are losing all our lobsters. Who can help us now!?

I might never be able to stop a lobster leak on a space station even though I have a broad skill set

I do focus on front-end web design, micro-sites, icons, and images.

In spite of WordPress powering a large portion of the web today, there is still a need for hand coding - in particular for promotional websites where there is more importance on a well crafted outcome than the convenience a CMS affords the client.

I also do page layout, product packaging, and other print projects as well as branding and wayfinding system design.

I'm quite social

Although I do use these platforms to showcase what I do I also post other things that interest me in some way from time to time.

Check out what I mean and follow me if you like what you see:

You may have noticed many businesses that are online are asking you to review their data protection documentation. This is due to new legislation introduced in the EU, and this will affect all who either do business or have data centres in EU.

Find out what I do with any data you provide, such as email addresses and other information:

Privacy Policy
Logotype for Innova IT - a company selling software for small call centres

A logotype for a call centre software specialist

Designed primarily for use online, but works equally well in print for advertising.

Since it is about talking the speech bubble seems appropriate.

An image of the sensory experience setup

My contribution to a project about sensory experiences

Designed to be installed in a local museum where visitors would be able to experience mark making and document what they did.

An image of the sensory experience setup

An icon set to support the sensory experience project

Instructions that aids the participants in the use of the project.

A negative space design of a hash symbol

Posting a poster

Or a part of it at least! The outcome of a project called "Meme" - and the humble hash symbol has become one in its own right.

Simple is hard. It doesn't get much simpler than this - the symbol isn't even there!

A simple animation for the Rapha Nocturne competition

Aiming for social media use, a component in a wider campaign.

My business card

Business card

It is still useful, as a tangible reminder of who you are and what you do.

Make it memorable and a conversation starter.


Book cover design for the Penguin Design Awards

There are many intriguing theories about the universe we live in.

I used one that I really liked as my inspiration, where it is expanding like a rubber band and it will eventually start retracting again.